GSM Home Security Systems

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Posted on : Feb 25,2012

GSM Wired Home Alarm with Remote Control System Features:

1. Four Alarm Inputs: The system has the function to sent sms and call to the
user in the even of input triggered. For example, Zone 4 connected to an
electrical door, when there is intruder or electrical door is open illegally,
GSM alarm system will receive short circuit impulse on Zone 4 and automatically
sends a signal to the pre-set number and notify the owner.

2. It is possible to arm/ disarm the unit remotely via SMS or phone call.
Alternatively, it also can connect to the basic telephone to perform arm/
disarm. Remote control also will be provided

3. Input alarm zoning can be edited and programmed up to 50 characters long.
You can use this function to program any languages. You can change the
displayed text by sending a command by SMS to the unit. For examples,
changing the Zone 4 to DOOR OPEN

4. Three remote control output. These open collector outputs (that can sink
max 300ma per output) can be turned on and off remotely through a SMS or
phone call. Remote control will be reachable by sending a sms or phone call
with a certain command. For example sms/ call in to switch on lighting, air
conditional, generator, sensor or other equipment

5. Automatically call to 8 pre-programmed phone number while alarming. The
WT-1010 also will SMS to 8 programmable phone number to notify the user if
any intruder

6. Open your auto gate with your basic telephone. Connect the GSM alarm system with
the auto gate and your house basic telephone. Besides you can use the
GSM alarm system as your house telephone, you also can open your auto gateway by
pressing a command at the basic telephone.

7. Most of the countries, GSM Mobile operator offer cheaper call plan compared
to telecom landline. It can connect to the basic telephone to make call. If
any intruder, the GSM alarm system will cut the telephone call and sent the alarm
messages first.

8. In order prevent professional thief to disconnect GSM by using GSM
Jammer, the GSM alarm system will transmit the alarm if signal drop immediately and
trigger the siren

9. The owner will automatically received the SMS text messages for Battery
Fail, Telecom Line Fail, AC Fail, INPUT 1  INPUT 4 Fail, GSM Alive if
any of the above having problem

10. Auto test reporting system  after the owner program the reporting time,
the GSM alarm system will dial the programmable number to inform that GSM Alive.
This is to make sure that in case of emergency , the GSM still will function

11. Standby recharger battery to prevent power failure or electricity cut off by
intruder. The GSM will function as normal when no electricity supply. LCD

display to check the GSM signal strange and battery capacity

  Application used area:
Security system are now days being used in different places like home,apartments,banks,offices,jewelry shops,factories private properties.

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Mobile : 9943367120

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