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All kind of joint pain, back pain is treated here with latest instruments and manual exercises.specialist in paralysis and post fracture (Specialist in Paralysis) treatment. conta

Who compromises with children’s health? So we understand the value of good Pediatric Doctors in today’s society. They are the ones who keep our future healthy and productive and that is a big responsibility. We have been contributing to this resp

The presence of weak walls in the artery may invite some trouble like ballooning or bulge in the walls of the artery. This bulged or ballooned wall may rupture to cause bleeding inside the brain. This

Brain Aneurysm is a disorder of the brain in which an artery which has a weak wall will balloon. This ballooned or bulged

All of us long for our days to begin peacefully. However most of the women begin their day in total chaos. Cooking, housework, getting kids ready to school and getting ready to work are the common activities of the modern day women. Women undergo a l

Are you worried about the blemishes or marks on your face? Are you worried about the sagging skin, warts or skin tags? Well Noble Hospital offers stitch less, painless and scar less cosmetic procedures to solve these problems and many more, related t

Eye Cool Mask  ( Mar 19,2012 )

Plastic Surgery which has become quite common these days due to cosmetic reasons and is performed to achieve the desired looks or even conform to the basic structure in cases of mishaps. The purpose of this surgery varies from getting the looks we wi

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