Brain Aneurysm Ballooning of Artery

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Posted on : Mar 26,2012

Brain Aneurysm  Ballooning of Artery

Brain Aneurysm is a disorder of the brain in which an artery which has a weak wall will balloon. This ballooned or bulged wall may rupture causing bleeding inside the brain which give the picture of stroke and at times may turn fatal.

The symptoms are like severe headache which may last from a few hours to few days, stiffness in neck, nausea, vomiting, changes in vision and sometimes drowsiness leading to death.

Since Aneurysm may lead to death, it is highly important for anyone with these symptoms to approach doctors immediately. Usually a CT scan and at times lumbar puncture will identify the bleed to begin the treatment. In such instances looking for hospitals like Dr. Gupte’s Spine & Brain Clinic would be ideal as this hospital is home to the most competent neurologists and neurosurgeons along with the best medical facilities available. For any problems related to the spine and brain, Spine & Brain Clinic would be the best to approach.

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Address : Noble Hospital,153, Magarpatta City Road,Hadapsar Pune 411013
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