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Does being overweight and obese mean the same? Obesity, a recent epidemic, is being fought world wide with great vigor. The changed eating habits a

Menopause Treatment  ( Jun 21,2012 )

Menopause is a condition that develops in women at the age of 40-50, marking the end of the fertile phase. It is a painful condition characterised

Total knee replacement  ( Jun 08,2012 )

Joint replacement is a last resort solution to severe joint pain or dysfunction when less-invasive treatments fail. Total knee replacement is the most common type of joint replacement surgery. Desp

Child care specialists, also known as pediatricians, have an edge over general physicians in the field of child care. They are equipped with the kno

  Obesity is a serious health problem which is not limited to the developed western countries any longer.  Due to the gradual change in the life

  Rheumatology is the study of diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to joints, vasculitis, soft tissues and bones. Doctors who specialize i

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, although expensive, are either favored by people wishing to enhance their appearance, or victims of deformation wanting to restore normal appearance. This ofte

Old age and some of the ailments just go hand in hand. One of the most common problems that accompany old age is knee pain. As we get older we start seeing some wear and tear in our joints. If untreat

Physiotherapy is a department which provides treatment to regain the mobility and functionality to the body parts after any injury without any involvement of medication. Hand in hand they work with th

Although all spinal tumors are not cancerous it is not advisable to ignore them as it involves the risk of paralysis or other serious problems. Spinal tumors are tumors which grow between the membran

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